Rishi Kapoor not satisfied with his son’s movie selections

October 6, 2016, 2:55 pm
Rishi Kapoor not satisfied with his son’s movie selections
Rishi Kapoor not satisfied with his son’s movie selections

Rishi Kapoor not satisfied with his son’s movie selections

Veteran Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor said that he didn't agree with his son, Ranbir's film selections at times.

The evergreen romantic actor of the B-Town, in a live talk show at the Indian Film Festival Melbourne said that if he had been Ranbir's secretary, he wouldn't have allowed him to do few films like Wake Up Sid, Rocket Singh and Barfi.

Wake Up Sid had some cliche moments to link it to a regular B-Town love story. But to the dismay of the college drop-out protagonist, Siddharth Mehra, Konkona Sen Sharma grabbed all attention, over-powering Sid. Rocket Singh, the salesman, realising that honesty is not the best policy in the overturned, crooked world, was welcomed and rejected by the audience equally. Barfi, a hearing and speech-impaired man falls in love with an autistic girl proving that it is normal to love any abnormal person in the real world.

The show was hosted by former actress Simi Garewal.

Before and after Barfi, people told me‘tere bete ko kya ho gaya hai?(What’s wrong with your son?) He’s going the Amol Palekar way’. He should be a star. But he proved me wrong and I’m happy that he proved me wrong
Rishi Kapoor

Neetu Singh, wife of Rishi Kapoor who was also there in Melbourne along with him during the show however praised her son saying he is very humble. “Unlike him (Rishi Kapoor). Ranbir still looks down while talking to his father. He’s very grounded and simple,” Neetu Singh Kapoor said.

Rishi Kapoor said that there is a wall between him and Ranbir and it is difficult for him to sense the latter. He also said that it took him a long time to tell Ranbir ‘have a drink in front of me.’

“I used to call him ‘sahab’. But I feel like a loser, I’ve missed out. But I haven’t done it deliberately, it is just a very natural phenomenon. Now that we don’t live under one roof, there’s more communication. He (Ranbir Kapoor) talks to his mother more than me. But I don’t think Ranbir will be a father like me,” The Quint quoted him as saying in the talk show.

Talking about the father-son relation, Neetu Singh narrated an instance when she left both of them in the house for a few days.

I was away for a few days and Ranbir was home. I kept calling him to ask how’re you doing. He said ‘I’m fine, I’m having dinner with papa’ and all that. So when I got back, I was like ‘how was it’? He said ‘we had quite a few quiet moments’. He said‘koi baat hi nahin huyi. Hum dinners pe jaate thhe aur khana khate thhe’. I have to be there in the house for a conversation to happen between them
Neetu Singh Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor in the talk show also remembered the day he got his national award. When he took the award to his father he told him to take it to his grandfather. When his grandfather saw the award he kept it on his feet and started crying. He said ‘Raj ne mera karza utar diya’, said Rishi.

Talking about her love life with Rishi, Neetu Singh revealed why she calls her husband Bob. “It’s a very stupid story. When we were dating, I used to call him Baba and he used to call me Baba. So when we got married I thought Baba sounds very stupid. So Baba became Bob,” she said.