Would you love to live in the best country of the world? Check out the UN list to prioritise your choice

March 28, 2017, 6:01 pm
Would you love to live in the best country of the world? Check out the UN list to prioritise your choice
Would you love to live in the best country of the world? Check out the UN list to prioritise your choice

Would you love to live in the best country of the world? Check out the UN list to prioritise your choice

Who wouldn’t want to live in the best country when it has been certified by the international organisation United Nation! The UN looked at nearly 200 countries across a number of categories, including life expectancy, education, gender equality, and financial wealth. The United Nations just published its annual Human Development Report, which ranks where people live long, healthy lives -in other words, in short the best country to reside in! Why not check out the options to move a shift to have a change in life? Make up your mind on any of the 11 countries mentioned.

Let’s look at the descending order, keeping the best for the last!

11. The United States

The US ranks high in financial wealth. Americans earn an average of $53,245 per year, but it is doubtful now that there is lot of internal disturbances after President trump ascended to power.

10. Canada

Tying with the United States, Canada ranks high in education achievement. More than half of its residents graduate from college. Canada is also a ‘great place to invest’. Whitehorse which is the capital city of Yukon, Canada has been verified by the Guinness Book of World Records as having the air with the least amount of air contamination on the planet.

9. Iceland

People in Iceland have a high life expectancy, living an average of 82.7 years. It’s pretty easy to love Iceland in the summer. If there is one thing Iceland is well known for, it is probably their love of strange cuisine, and this extends to more than just food. Apart from drinking more Coca Cola per capita than anywhere else in the world, Iceland also has a drink all their own that they call Brennivin.

8. Ireland

Crime is low in Ireland. The homicide rate stands at only 1.1 per 1,000 people, according to the most recent data available. It the most charitable country in the world despite some tough economic times in recent years. The friendliness of the people is absolutely unparalleled and the genuine warmth of a cead mile failte drinking a Guinness by a turf fire and listening to trad music is the best experience in the world.

7. The Netherlands

This country has one of the lowest rates of income inequality in the world (12.4%), and it's been continually decreasing since the mid-1990s. The Netherlands was recently named as one of the top six countries in the world with the most prestigious universities. Without a doubt, Holland is the bicycle capital of the world. The location of the Netherlands means weekend or summer trips to other European cities like Prague, Bruges, Paris and Budapest come by cheap and easy.

6. Singapore

People in this nation can expect to live long lives, too. The average life expectancy is over 83 years in Singapore. Singapore offers training comparable to Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA – and is structured and linked to best practices from these countries. Singapore is rightfully proud of its multicultural heritage which is easily evidenced by just standing on a street corner and observing the people pass you by.

5. Denmark

Denmark tied with Singapore in the UN's ranking. When comparing median wages between men and women, the gender wage gap is now at 7.8% for full-time employees in Denmark. For comparison, the gap hovers at 17.9% in the US.

4. Germany

As of October 2014, all universities are free for residents and international students in Germany, where over 96% of the population has at least some secondary education.

3. Switzerland

This country ranks high in overall health. On average, people live to age 83 and have a relatively low risk for diseases like malaria, HIV, and tuberculosis.

2. Australia

Education makes up over 5% of the national GDP in this country, which tied with Switzerland. The UN found that most students go to school for around 20 years in Australia.

1. Norway

For the 13th consecutive year, Norway ranked highest in standard of living, life expectancy, and education. Thanks to the country's robust, publicly funded healthcare system, the average life expectancy is 82 years.