Take a look at the Apple’s 2017 iPhone X specifications 

December 11, 2016, 4:46 pm
Take a look at the Apple’s 2017 iPhone X specifications 
Take a look at the Apple’s 2017 iPhone X specifications 

Take a look at the Apple’s 2017 iPhone X specifications 

Several reports suggest that the Apple is planning a total redesign for its next anniversary edition smartphone. Leaks suggest that the company may change its name from iPhone 8 to iPhone X, as it marks 10th anniversary.

Here are the expected specifications of the iPhone X.

Display: Next Apple iPhone is going to have OLED display which will offer wider viewing angle with improved brightness. These displays also help apple to optimise iPhoneX power consumption as OLED display has high response time and are much efficient. It can have maximum of 4k resolution which is really need of next generation smartphone. The phone is also going to have sapphire glass protection which is far better than current Gorilla Glass 4. The sapphire is one of the most tough glass material on the earth and completely unbreakable. So, you won’t have to worry about scratches on your iPhone.

According to rumours it’s going to be large Smartphone which can be good move as these days people prefer to use large display phones a lot. But we think Apple iPhone 8 will have 5.3 inch large OLED display which is quite handy and 5.6 inch display for iPhone 8S variant. The phone is further protected by Gorilla Glass technology and this time Apple is going to bring an unbreakable iPhone.

Camera: We all know Apple doesn’t believe in increasing mega pixels. As we have seen iPhone 6 with just 12 MP cameras and is far better in quality as compare to 20 MP cameras of its competitors. This time company is going to take its camera features further to next level. Apple iPhone 8 would have a 16 MP primary camera with upgraded ISOCELL sensors for better images even in low lights. As per the rumours, it will have a 8 MP front facing camera which is specially made for taking selfies. There are also few rumours which are stating and Sony IMXXX sensors to be part of iPhone8.

Processor: As per the latest leaks and rumours Apple iPhone 8 will have TSMC and ARM based 7nm chip. We all know Apple brings a new processor every year with its flagship Smartphone. Apple iPhone 7 will run on A10 which is Quad Core processor. iPhone 8 is going to much advanced processor with 7 nanometer FinFET. It will have 4GB RAM which is far enough to handle high end multitasking with OS X.

Well, if you still not satisfied with above specifications and feature then you must see below to see why iPhone stands out of the race. Here we have some really innovative features and wishlist that Apple iPhone 8 must have:

— 5G Technology

— Fast charging

— Retina Eye Scanner

— Fingerprint Scanner

— Holographic display

— 64, 128 & 256 GB Storage

These are some expected features that are rumoured for iPhone 8 and we know that Apple is the one who can accomplish these kinds of features.