Want to go with the fast-moving world? Try these hairstyles out!

November 13, 2016, 12:47 pm
Want to go with the fast-moving world? Try these hairstyles out!
Want to go with the fast-moving world? Try these hairstyles out!

Want to go with the fast-moving world? Try these hairstyles out!

It is high time that you have had a change from the boring same old hairstyle that was a part of you ever since you graduated! Why not try and experiment new styles and cuts that would suit you well and not make you look like a granny. Try these haircuts next time you visit a salon.

Pixie Cut

Many celebrities have tried the pixie cut and it suits them a lot and looks sexy too! Why just celebrities? Why not we give it a try? Pixie hair cut is suitable for those with brittle and damaged hair. Easy to handle makes the style even more convenient. You can just leave your hair messy after a shower which would give you a hot, dashing look as well. Cropped pixie is a classic hairstyle that brings a certain understated elegance to your look if carried out properly.

Baby Fringes

The fringe totally helps a woman look younger than her age by like 5-8 years. Think you are old for such hairstyles? Give it a shot and you will end up looking at least 5 years younger than your age. However, if you have a narrow forehead it might be best if you stay away from this cut otherwise it will make your face look really small and will not blend properly with your features. A fringe will help if you have a wider forehead and will bring out your eyes and gives you that look!

Let us try looking few hairstyle tips for the season to give you a look that you have always wanted without going for a haircut

Ombre Tips

This year dark to light ombre tips are totally in style. You can experiment with different trendy color palettes from caramel, honey, blonde, etc. If you dare you can go for more vibrant shades like turquoise, sea green, purple etc. It’s really funky and gives you the free-spirited look. The coolest thing is the hombre tips look great on anybody and it’s super stylish. If you go for the regular shades, it will be low maintenance yet give you the trendy edge you were looking for.

Smoothed long hair

If you are looking for a classy and trendy look at the same time, long straight hair is your thing for sure. It’s really low maintenance as it needs just a straightening iron with a few quality styling products. It’s always best if you have no bangs so you can alternate between parting it in the middle or on one side. It will help with a silky and smooth illusion, which brings the classy looks you were opting for.

Layered Wavy hair with Bangs

The blunt bangs add a nice touch to the layered wavy hairstyle. Bangs can instantly change your look, be it the blunt straight bangs or the sideways bangs. Even if you decide to pull up your layered hair into a ponytail or a messy bun, your bangs will frame your facial features and highlight your features. It gives your hair more versatility where you are open to experiment with different kind of styles.

Brunette with Copper Undertones

If you have a very creamy skin tone, the copper red undertone of your hair will totally compliment your skin by giving it a subtle pop of color. Natural brunettes can easily bring out this color of hair. However, if you already have richly colored strands, it might turn a brassy shade if not pulled off properly. It’s not very high maintenance as you can glaze your hair once a month to give it a shiny finish and that’s it.

Shoulder length hair

This style is very practical and low maintenance, thus it is so trendy and hot this season. It also gives you a lot of options as to how you want to cut it, you can have pin straight shoulder length hair or go for a blunt cut, or straight layers, wavy layers, angled bob cut, etc. The number of options is huge with this style, which makes it so trendy, and so many celebrities have tried it this season.