The saffron plan for Bengal portends ominous signals, but TMC is clueless 

July 7, 2017, 11:12 am
The saffron plan for  Bengal portends ominous  signals, but TMC is clueless 
The saffron plan for  Bengal portends ominous  signals, but TMC is clueless 

The saffron plan for Bengal portends ominous signals, but TMC is clueless 

A team of BJP leaders are scheduled to visit riot hit areas of Basirhat in West Bengal as the violence continues unabated in the areas bordering Bangladesh. Violence broke out days back in North Parganas after a diabolic Facebook post by a teenager has now spread to other areas prompting the police and the state administration to suspect the role of goondas who are controlled by some political parties.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has urged all political leaders to steer clear from the troubled areas to help the police control the situation.

The BJP leaders are going to visit the Bairhat area where one man died of stab wounds. More than 25 people are injured in the continuing violence in the border area.

BJP central team include Meenakshi Lekhi, Satyapal Singh and Om Prakash Mathur. They are expected to submit a report to party national president Amit Shah.

The party has already demanded the imposition of presidential rule in the state after violence broke out.

Communal violence in Bengal has so far claimed one life 
Communal violence in Bengal has so far claimed one life 

The sequence of events in West Bengal show that the BJP is trying hard to make political capital out of these developments.

Soon after the highly objectionable Facebook post appeared and people started protesting against it the way in which Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi forced the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to accuse him of behaving like leader of RSS shows the ‘interest the Centre attaches’ to Bengal, The Chief Minister alleged that the Governor insulted her.

The undue interest shown by the Governor in the law and order situation of the state and other developments in the state suggest that BJP is trying to capitalise maximum out of the developments in state.

The ruling party is accusing the BJP for the latest incident. Derek O Brien, party leader sees all this as part of a game plan . “This appears to be the plan for Bengal. A teenaged student puts up an inflammatory post on Facebook that clearly hurts religious sentiments. Who instigates the student to put up that post? That is another mystery - or is it? People react to the social media post and the state administration calms nerves. It is a challenging situation but hardly a crisis. What do the BJP and the RSS do? They pour gallons of oil in an attempt to enlarge the fire” He wrote in NDTV.

The communal violence gripped the border areas at a time when the Mamata Banerjee government is grappling to pacify the agitating Gorkha Janamukthi Morcha activists demanding separate Gorkha state.

The Gorkha Janmukthi Morcha was an ally of BJP in the last Assembly election.

The demand for seperate state resurfaced after GJM started losing its influence in the area to TMC

BJP has recently said that they won’t support the creation of a new state. The saffron party however has supported their demand during the elections.

Ruling TMC suspects the hand of BJP in the present turmoil that according to them is being created by the saffron party to facilitate the centre to interfere in the state. Telegraph quoted a source in the government who claimed that there is master plan behind what is happening in the state now.

“A Facebook post triggered the problems in Baduria in North 24-Parganas. After some efforts, we could restore peace in the area.... But today, the problem spread to Basirhat town (15km away) and nine Trinamul party offices were burnt. BJP leaders are planning to visit the area tomorrow. Why? To create more tension?" The paper quoted a source close to chief minister Mamata Banerjee as saying .

The report also points to the fact that the central agencies have now shown a great interest in Narada payoff cases. This according to TMC leaders are meant to weaken their government and the party. The Narada sting which showed TMC leaders accepting bribes from a fictious company was released just before the assembly elections. This led to the allegation that the sting was carried out to help BJP in the state.

But CPI (M) castigated the Mamata government for current mess. CPI (M) politburo member Prakash Karat has said that the problems are the result of the communal politics pursued by Mamata government . “there has been communal violence in Basirhat and the state government is not able to control the situation. Because of the communal politics; the TMC and BJP are creating polarisation” alleged Prakash Karat.

The area of the latest communal flare up is very close to Bangladesh border and the BJP is quite active in this area. The saffron party has been using the issue of immigrants to make a dent in the West Bengal politics.

The response by the TMC government to this saffron aggressiveness was to give free hand to Muslim organisations which according to many had vitiated the atmosphere. The Left which has ruled the state for more than three decades is decimated to the point that they are unable to mobilise even a modicum of resistance against the communal polarisation perpetuated by different groups.

Be it Gorkah agitation or corruption issues, the response of Mamta Banerjee smacks of political ineptness as is reflected in her offensive and aggressive responses.

The latest incidents and the state response to it show that the despite the belligerent face put up by TMC, it is utterly clueless on how to combat saffron politics in the state.