Protest in Mangaluru college after student tried to kill herself alleging victimisation 

March 9, 2017, 8:25 pm
Protest in Mangaluru college after  student tried to kill herself alleging victimisation 
Protest in Mangaluru college after  student tried to kill herself alleging victimisation 

Protest in Mangaluru college after student tried to kill herself alleging victimisation 

MV Shetty college in Mangaluru has become a hotspot of protest as several students are up in arms against the college administration after a 21-year-old girl student attempted to kill herself two days ago.

The student from Kerala’s Kozhikode district has reportedly taken the extreme decision on Tuesday night after the college authorities denied her permission to appear for the final semester examination, saying that, she, along with five others, had failed in an internal viva test. However, Speaking to SouthLive, students claim that a lecturer had deliberately failed the students.

She is a studious girl who has scored well all the other subjects. Even during this internal via, in which faculty deliberately failed her. When we contacted the university authorities, they were also wondering why a college failed a student in internal viva 
A students on condition on anonymity 

“The management remains mum because the teacher is very close to the management” the student alleged.

According to students, the faculty is resorting to extreme steps of failing students to save the college from possible de -accreditation. They accuse that since the management has admitted more students against university norms, they now try to conform to the guidelines by failing some students.

Meanwhile, principal of the college which is affiliated to Bangalore University denied all allegations and reiterated that poor performance was the reason for Vincy’s failure.

The allegations of deliberately failing her is baseless. As a paramedical students she has to clear her clinical lab tests which she didn’t and hence debarred her from appearing the examinations
Satheesh, College Principal

He also told SouthLive that Vincy is an underperforming student and also alleged that the students never approached him with to voice their concerns if they have any. However, students claimed that the principal himself has been plotting against the students.

On Tuesday night, Vincy,the sixth semester student of MV Shetty College of Speech and Hearing, has allegedly cut her vein in the college campus. When her roommate found Vincy unconscious on the floor in a pool of blood, she was rushed to a nearby hospital where she is now recuperating

Nearly 200 students have been protesting outside the main campus since Wednesday, demanding that the management allows Vincy and other students to appear for the sixth-semester examination. However, the students told SouthLive that the management continues to be adamant on their stand.

Vincy’s parents also alleged that she was deliberately targeted by the authorities.

It was an internal viva. Of the five questions asked, my daughter answered three, but she failed whereas some others who do not even answered a single question passed. Isn’t it deliberate?
Gangadharan, Vincy’s father

Vincy's father Gangadharan, a retired government employee told Southlivethat the college had made him pay the examination fees but is not allowing his daughter to appear for it.

The college authorities had also claimed that Vincy did not have the required attendance to appear for the exam, which was refuted by her parents and friends.

Three weeks ago, the college Principal summoned me and the parents of five other students and said that our children had attendance shortage. He said that they had failed in an internal test and that they could still appear for the final semester exam. But then Vincy called me and informed that the authorities denied permission appear exam. She was devastated after hearing this  
Gangadharan , Vincy’s Father

Vincy's friends had no inclination that she would attempt suicide.

“She is a strong girl. She was in the front line to fight for out rights too,” a friend said.

The students also alleged that the college management first refused to even listen to their demands when they began protesting on Wednesday.

“We have been waiting the whole day to meet the management, but did not get any chance. On Wednesday, they told us they would inform their stance by the evening, but nothing happened. They are not even picking up our phone calls.” a student said.

However, the principal said he is willing to respond if the students give any written submission before him. “I am a civilised man. I won't go to road and talk,” Principal Sathish said.

However, some other reports said that the management agreed to consider their demands, including strict action against two lecturers.