Rajinikanth vows to change the ‘rotten system’; hints political entry again 

May 19, 2017, 12:54 pm
Rajinikanth vows to change the ‘rotten system’; hints political entry again 
Rajinikanth vows to change the ‘rotten system’; hints political entry again 

Rajinikanth vows to change the ‘rotten system’; hints political entry again 

In yet another ambivalent statement on the possibility of his political entry, superstar Rajinikanth, on Friday, said the system is corrupted despite the presence of good leaders. The veteran actor also hinted that he might make the political plunge when the time comes.

“We have good leaders like Stalin (MK), Anbumani (Ramadoss) and Seeman. But what do we do when the system is bad, democracy has deteriorated. This system needs to be changed and a change has to be brought in the minds of people, than only will the country flourish,” he said while addressing a large gathering of his fans here on the last day of the interaction.

However, he ruled out any immediate entry into the power politics.

In olden times, the common people used to go about with their work normally in times of peace But when war comes, they will all join. You have work and duties. I also have duties now. But when war comes, we will take care
Rajnikath, Veteran actor

He also praised veteran state politicians. “Stalin is a great administrator. Anbumani is a very intelligent person,” he said. “Thirumavalavan works tirelessly for Dalits. Seeman is a warrior. But the system is corrupt. People are fed up. We need to change the system together,” he added.

Earlier this week, he said, “If it’s God’s will, I will join politics.”

On the criticism that he is an outsider and not a Tamilian, Rajinikanth said: “I lived in Karnataka for 23 years and Tamil Nadu for 43 years. Although I came as a Marathi from Karnataka, you people nurtured me, made me true Tamilian.”

Rajinikanth’s entry into politics has been at the centre of much speculation for years now.

Having had his run-ins with the powers that be in the past, the actor has come a long way from his first outburst in 1996 when he said "even God can't save Tamil Nadu" if AIADMK was elected again. In the ensuing political developments, he backed the DMK-TMC (Tamil Maanila Congress, led by the late G K Moopanar) combine, which also cashed in on the severe anti-incumbency against the ruling AIADMK. However, the combine could not keep the momentum on as AIADMK staged a good comeback in the 1998 Parliamentary polls.

In the meantime, the actor continued to give some hints of a political entry in his 'Baba' (2002), which also saw Dr S Ramadoss-founded PMK go up in arms against his on screen smoking. In the film, dealing with the protagonist's transformation from a carefree atheist to a believer, the plot details the actor's brush with a wily politician. Rajinikanth, on screen, bats for a particular clean politician but soon after the man is killed, the actor is shown approaching the people, hinting he would lead them.

The film also enraged Ramadoss,who accused Rajinikanth of misleading the youth with his unique cigarette flinching style, among other gimmicks. However, whenever his fans have been vocal or proactive about his political plunge, the actor has either remained silent or distanced himself RPT himself from the topic.

Twice his supporters and actors have come out in the open floating some 'party' or 'outfit' in a bid to pressure Rajini, as he is fondly called, to enter politics . It is not uncommon for his fans across the state to frequently put up posters urging him to come and 'lead' and 'save' Tamil Nadu. Even party flags had been launched by some fans in the past, but the actor had either remained silent or distanced himself away from fans who resorted to such actions.

Many political parties, barring AIADMK, had been wooing him. However, he was on good terms with Jayalalithaa and had even rued he had 'hurt' her back in 1996 by being critical of her.

In his latest comments, Rajinikanth had said he had no desire to joins politics, but if he did, he would show the door to all “money-minded” people.

Meanwhile, the Bhartiya Janata Party, whose top leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi are said to enjoy good relations with the 'superstar', has welcomed the idea of the actor joining their fold.

“We welcome if he comes to politics. We will also welcome if he comes (joins) to BJP,” state BJP leader and Union Minister of state Pon Radhakrishnan said recently.

Incidentally, Modi met Rajinikant at his Poes Garden residence in 2014 when he visited Chennai.