Would Arun Jaitley find time to visit victims of RSS terror in Kerala? 

August 6, 2017, 2:55 pm
Would Arun Jaitley find time to visit victims of RSS terror in Kerala? 
Would Arun Jaitley find time to visit victims of RSS terror in Kerala? 

Would Arun Jaitley find time to visit victims of RSS terror in Kerala? 

BJP and RSS have been trying to make political capital out the killings of its cadres allegedly by CPI(M) workers in Kerala. This concerted campaign has a now reached a level where senior leaders are now frequenting the state capital to make this as a hot subject of national importance. BJP president Amit Shah this month 100 KM yatra to highlight the ‘violent politics’ perpetrated by communists.

All this happens when 12 CPI(M) activists were killed by RSS after the Left Front Government came to power. Apart from this, RSS members are arrested in the killing of a Muslim youth in Malappuram district and Madrassa teacher in Kasargod districts.

The latest incident of an RSS worker getting killed allegedly by CPI(M) after series of political violence in the state has come at a time when the state BJP leadership was cornered after news reports about the corruption involving senior leaders of the party came in. This has cornered the leadership not just in Kerala but at the national level also.

Sangh Parivar is now planning series of visits by its leaders with journalists of national media to highlight the red terror.

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Sunday reached Kerala and visited the house of an RSS worker murdered by allegedly by members of CPI(M) in Thiruvananthapuram. The Finance Minister is also expected to visit the houses of BJP ward councillors, which were attacked allegedly by Communist activists in various parts of the state capital last week. According to the BJP statement, Jaitley is visiting the state in the wake of “increasing attacks on BJP-RSS workers allegedly by the activists of ruling CPI(M).

CPI (M) caught unawares initially by the campaign blitzkrieg of Sangh Parivar has now evolved counter strategies to counter the move. On a day when Arun Jaitley is visiting the victims of ‘red terror’, the party has organised a satyagraha by the kith and kin of the those who were murdered or attacked by the Sangh Parivar. They say they want to meet the finance minister when he is visiting the state against the political violence.

The National Human Rights Commission has also sent a notice to the Kerala government over growing incidents of political violence in the state and sought a report in four week.

Police records with details of every political murder between 2000 and 2017, accessed by the media reveals, in the last 17 years, 85 CPI(M) workers, 65 RSS or BJP workers, 11 workers of Congress and IUML each have been killed in the political violence that has been gripping the state for the last several decades.

Incidentally, family members of CPI(M) workers killed by the RSS started a sit-in protest in front of Raj Bhavan in Thiruvananthapuram.

“Is Arun Jaitley visiting Kerala in his capacity as a Union Minister? If so, he should visit houses of victims of all political murders,” the protesters demanded.

As the “contentious” visit stirred up a debate, several netizens took to social media leading a campaign with hashtags #JaitleyShouldAnswer, #JaitleyVistUs et.

They termed the visit a “dubious” one and asked why no BJP leaders visited the state before when people were killed by Sangh Parivar

“Kodinji Faisal and Riyas Musliar were not at all having any background of politics but still they were brutally murdered in Kerala. Why RSS killed these innocent people? ” a message shared widely online referring to the killing of two Muslim youths. RSS workers are accused in the case

The netizens also shared details of political killings.

Some of the BJP members were killed by their own men in the political rivalry.

The users also asked Jaitley to visit the families of victims attacked in the BJP-ruled states.

It is also alleged that Jaitley’s visit is a sinister attempt to divert attention from the series of multi-crore corruption in which BJP leades are involved.