Reliance Jio ‘Prime Plan’ ends today; And so what next? 

March 31, 2017, 12:00 pm
Reliance Jio ‘Prime Plan’ ends today; And so what next? 
Reliance Jio ‘Prime Plan’ ends today; And so what next? 

Reliance Jio ‘Prime Plan’ ends today; And so what next? 

Today, 31 March, 2017 is the last day to enroll to Jio Prime membership plan for all the existing Jio users who have been enjoying unlimited 4G internet and calling facilities since the ;launch of Reliance Sim Cards in India. As many as 50 million Jio customers are said to have already signed up for the Jio Prime plans, ahead of the last day for Jio Prime membership.

But if you are a Jio usr and haven’t enrolled to the Prime membership, you still have time and can choose to opt for Jio Online Prime member registration to become a member. But if you are still doubtful where to opt or not there are a few things you need to know beforehand.

Are you a Jio Prepaid or Postpaid user?

Though most people have Jio Prepaid sim there are few users who have chosen for postpaid Jio sim. So the first step is to know which sim you are using, if you are a postpaid user, you will start receiving a bill from next month onwards.

How to check if your Reliance Jio number is prepaid or postpaid:

Open you MyJio app,swipe in from the left side of the menu bar. Click on My plans. On top will be written Happy New Year Offer followed by menu bar which says postpaid or prepaid. After knowing your connection, you can choose the best offer that suits you.

Reliance Jio Prime and non-Jio Prime PLANS

There are two different types of plans depending on you being a Jio Prime user or a Jio non-Prime user. If you subscribe to Jio Prime, you get to access some additional extra offers, but you'll have to pay Rs. 99 for a year to do so, though you can easily get that money back. Jio Prime subscribers also get nearly double the data benefits on all plans, for a limited amount of time. The big draws here are the Rs. 303 a month (28 days) and Rs. 499 a month plans, which provides you with 28GB of data, and 56GB of data respectively, capped at 1GB and 2GB per day, respectively.

After reading all of these and if you are happy, satisfied with the offers provided by Jio be it for Prime or non-Prime users, then make sure to get your plan activated today. With Jio Prime expiring today, and if you don't sign up for the subscription plan by then, you will have to pay for its services without the benefits that Jio Prime members get.

If you're a Reliance Jio prepaid customer then you'll need to select a prepaid plan from the MyJio application on your phone, or just visit a nearby Jio Store to select a plan and pay for it, in order to keep using continuing the Jio experience.

Or you could become a postpaid user which is pretty easy to do as well; just go to a Reliance Jio store, and you can get your connection changed to postpaid, and select a plan.

And if you are a jio user and do not want to use Jio services either cut the sim off or remove the sim from the phone and never use it for three months which automatically deactivates your connection.

To end a Reliance Jio postpaid connection, you have to call up customer care, or to visit a Jio store, and ask for your number to be disconnected. They will ask for your reasons, and once the request has been accepted, the account should be closed within seven working days.