Trump hits historic low in six-month approval rating; worst in 70 years

July 17, 2017, 9:23 am
Trump hits  historic low in six-month approval rating; worst in 70 years
Trump hits  historic low in six-month approval rating; worst in 70 years

Trump hits historic low in six-month approval rating; worst in 70 years

As the US President Donald Trump completes half a year in power, new poll showed that the approval rating for the Republican President Trump sits at 36 percent after a steady decline since springtime. The approval rating for Trump is lower than that of any of his predecessors in 70 years.

A joint survey by The Washington Post and ABC News revealed just 36 percent of Americans endorsed his job performance, down from another record low of 42 percent at the 100-day mark, in Fifty-eight per cent disapproved of his first six months, most of them “strongly”.

Results of the poll come amid a wider perceptions of a decline in US global influence, a much-delayed Republican agenda, and unfolding stories about alleged Russia’s links to the 2016 Trump campaign.

At the six-month mark, both former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush were at 59 percent.

Figures showed that the last US president as unpopular at the same mark was Gerald Ford, with a 39 percent of approval rating in February, 1975.

Of those surveyed, 58 percent expressed disapproval of Trump's job performance, among which 48 percent said they “disapprove strongly.” The poll also showed that 48 percent of the respondents see the US leadership in the world as weaker since Trump was inaugurated in January, with only 27 percent believing it to be stronger.

Two thirds said they do not trust Trump to negotiate with other world leaders on the US behalf. Just 28 percent of those polled said they think Trump is making significant progress toward his goals, while 55 percent think otherwise.

However, Donald Trump has insisted his performance in a poll assessing his six-month approval rating is “not bad”.

Trump's deterioration in support comes amid questions over his election campaign's links to Russia, doubts over his ability to negotiate on a world stage, and unpopular policies at home.

The US intelligence community alleged that Russia meddled in the US presidential race last year and connections existed between the Russian government and the Trump campaign, which the Kremlin has denied.

The ABC-Post poll finds a majority, about 60 percent, of Americans said they believe Russia tried to meddle in the 2016 US presidential election, while about 44 percent think Trump benefited from those attempts.

On a health care bill supported by Republicans in a bid to overhaul the country’s existing system, half of those surveyed said they prefer the current one, and only 24 per cent favoured the Trump-proposed legislation.

The poll was conducted between from 10 July to 13 July among a random sample of over 1,000 adults being surveyed over the phone, with a margin error of 3.5 points.