With your fast food, you take the next bus to heart disease 

January 10, 2017, 3:44 pm
With your fast food, you take the next bus to heart disease 
With your fast food, you take the next bus to heart disease 

With your fast food, you take the next bus to heart disease 

People irrespective of age enjoy eating junk food or fast foods like burgers, pizza, or soft drinks though they might pose a large health risk. People prefer to slurp on processed or packaged foods easily available for cheap rates at any local eatery where basic sanitary measures may not be assured apart from the fact that the foods will be lack nutritional values.

Though it is a known fact that fast foods are harmful for the body, people prefer to eat them knowing the risks. But there are few foods that you must avoid completely forever to make sure you don't end up giving up on life.

Look at the list of few most unhealthy foods:

Fried Breakfast Platter

Having a fried latter for breakfast is a big no no though it might be full of protein and nutrients to run for the entire day.

Bacon and Cheese Burger

This is equivalent to eating two burgers. Has so much of calories, more than what you can even imagine, mostly filled with processed fats and sugars. Ad a few more ingredients to make your burger, you have the perfect recipe for a heart disease.

12 inch Italian BMT from Subway

Assumptions go that BMT stands for ‘Brooklyn Manhattan Transit’. There’s a reason it’s not advertised as one of their “low-fat subs” because it is packed with a shocking 130 percent of your total daily salt requirement.

Chicken dipped in batter and fried

Chicken if steamed is a good source of protein but when dipped in batter and fried, gets flooded with a lot of saturated fats and salts. Make sure not to fool yourself into eating these fast-foods seeming to be super healthy.

Chocolate Frappuccino

These chocolatey blended beverages are full of sugar and extremely calorific. With added whipped cream, they have as many calories as an average sized meal, though you won’t be left feeling half as full.

M&M McFlurry®

Milkshakes are usually very sugary and high in calories, and the colourful M&M McFlurry is no exception. 930 calories in just one shake makes up more than a third of an average person’s daily allowance!

Meat filled Pizza

Not all pizzas are unhealthy, but in most fast food shops the average greasy meat-filled pizza is full of saturated fats and extremely high in calories. For a healthier option, choose stone-baked pizzas with low fat cheese and a low fat topping such as chicken or vegetables.

Fish and chips

Britain’s favourite takeaway meal is also one of it’s most unhealthy. Although fish is usually a healthier meat option, when dipped in batter and deep fried it’s full of unpleasant animal fats looking to clog up your arteries. The same can be said for the chips, and no, potatoes don’t count as one of your 5 a day!

Shawarma roll

A shawarma or doner kebab is essentially a stacked pile of dubious meat, left rotating on a skewer all day long. Fats and calories should be least of your worries when eating one of these after a night out.

Hot dogs or sausages

Who really knows what type of meat is in a roadside hot dog? Given the affordable price, we turn a blind eye and hope for the best, but this calorific, fatty and salty treat is one of the most unhealthy fast-food options. Throw in some cancer-causing nitrites and there’s not much good to be said about this classic dish.