Learn what the colour of your urine says about your health 

February 24, 2017, 1:07 pm
Learn what the colour of your urine says about your health 
Learn what the colour of your urine says about your health 

Learn what the colour of your urine says about your health 

At times are you scared looking at the colour of your urine? Do you drink enough water? However, at times there is nothing to worry when the colour of your pee changes. and will of course help you make the necessary changes in your diet to improve health.


If your pee looks like plain water, it is probably an indication that you have been drinking a lot of water. The extra fluid intake will probably cause you to have to go more frequently and the increased fluid-to-toxins ratio will wash out the normal yellowish colour of urine.

Pale Yellow

This is probably about as good as it gets. This colour means you are healthy and your kidneys are probably working just fine. In addition, it’s a good indicator that you are well-hydrated.

Transparent Yellow

There’s really nothing to worry about here, since this is the colour that is probably most common for people who are healthy and reasonably well hydrated.

Dark Yellow

This is not an immediate cause for concern, but you may want to work on increasing your water intake. The dark yellow colour shows that the toxins in your urine that have been evacuated from your body are not as diluted by the fluid in your body as they should be.

Honey or Amber-Coloured

This is taking it up a level from dark yellow, and is a sign that you should probably get some water as soon as possible. Dehydration is definitely an issue you don’t want to put off too long. Although a healthy individual can live for weeks without food, we can only last days without water.


If you urine has the colour of pancake syrup or perhaps a dark beer, there is definitely more cause for concern. More serious dehydration could be the cause, but this could also be a sign of liver disease. Increase your fluid intake and check with your doctor if your urine does not return to a more normal colour.

Reddish or Pink

Eating certain foods can cause significant change in the colour of your urine and sometimes cause some unwarranted alarm. Food such as rhubarb, beets or even blueberries may cause your urine to appear pink, which might cause some people to wonder if it is blood. If the cause is not from something you ate, a call to the doctor is in order since it could be anything from a common infection to something serious like cancer.


If your pee starts looking a bit like orange juice it may be a sign that you are not getting enough water. It could also be caused by food dye if you really overdid it on a particular kind of food. It could also be an indication of a liver condition, which is something you will want to talk to a doctor about.

Blue or green

This is the type of thing that will really make you stand up (if you aren’t already) and take notice! There are certain rare conditions that will make your urine blue or green, but it also might mean you are dealing with an uncommon form of urinary tract infection. Some medications can do it as well as too many grape Popsicles or some other food item that you might have binged on a bit. It’s a good idea to see your doctor if you are not sure what caused it and it does not go away on its own.

Frothy or Foamy

A certain amount of froth of foam during urination is normal, and experience should have taught all of us what our own version of “normal” looks like. If it appears you are producing more than the usual amount of froth or foam when you pee, it could mean that you have excess levels of protein in your diet, or that you may have a kidney problem. Seeing a doctor is a good idea if it continues.