Majestic Malabar: trippers can now take a doctor on the go

March 12, 2017, 6:05 pm
Majestic Malabar: trippers can now take a doctor on the go
Majestic Malabar: trippers can now take a doctor on the go

Majestic Malabar: trippers can now take a doctor on the go

Whenever you pack your bag to your favourite holiday spot, the prime disquiet one encounter would be of health. Whether you have a history of illness or you feel fit like a horse, one would not like to leave health to chance. Exploration for some would be confine to the walls of the house, if some illness springs up. However, now it seems those stories should be shunned to the past, as a team of travel coordinators in Kerala have come up with a unique idea “travel with a doctor.”

Along with fixing your destinations and planning the trip, the Majestic Malabar Tours and Heath Care would send a doctor and nurse to accompany the travellers throughout the journey looking after health.

“Whatever your reason for travelling, we want to help you to be proactive, prepared, and protected when it comes to your health – and the health of others – while you are travelling,” Managing Director of the venture Vijayaraghavan explains.

There are a lot of people who avoid trips simply because of health, especially these days when the lifestyle diseases are higher than ever. Even some healthy people too say not to travel fearing adverse physical conditions. And we have a solution for it
Vijayaraghavan, Managing Director, Majestic Malabar Tours and Health Care

The Majestic Malabar team, which is a subsidiary to the Malabar Hospitals based in Kozhikode, says it aims to be a “complete reliable travel and medical companion.”

No one wants to miss or postpone a trip. It is a good idea to know beforehand the signs and symptoms of illness. Recent illnesses, injuries, surgeries hold you back from enjoying the entire trip. A full-time doctor will help you to recognise the symptoms and take extra care of the people so that you can take action quickly while on your journey
Vijayaraghavan, Managing Director

“Ever since we launched out plan just a few weeks ago, we have been receiving many numbers of enquiry calls, which itself shows was people really in search of such an initiative,” he adds.

Though Majestic Malabar arranges trips inside and outside the country, the ‘travel with doctor’ scheme is currently available in India only. According to Vijayaraghhavan, the team is embarking its first such journey later this month to neighbouring Tamil Nadu.

“Our job is to accompany you, organise, supervise and coordinate every aspect of the trip, yours is to put all your energy to enjoy it to the maximum,” the MD adds.

Before commencing the journey, the team does a medical screening of each passenger and even suggest destinations according to their health conditions. Even if the travellers faces any emergency on the road, the Majestic Malabar claims to have medical aid facility till they reach the nearest hospital.

“The holidays are yours, trust us to make them safe and healthy,” Vijayaraghavan adds.